Study Spotlight: Brain Food

I’ll be the first to admit that when I’m stressed, the first thing I reach for are the sugary, processed, carb-laden foods that can give me that immediate high and energy boost. But later, when my energy level suddenly crashes, I’m left unable to concentrate, grumpy and irritable, and with total regret. What we eat has a surprising impact on how effectively we study. Here are some of the things I’ve learned along the way concerning what to eat while studying: Read More

Which College Should I Attend?

Congrats! After all the all-nighters, studying, and tests, you’ve been accepted to college! Now what? Assuming you got accepted to more than one college (or are just deciding where to apply), here are some important factors to consider when choosing a college: Read More

How Memes Are Unifying the Top Universities

A UC Berkeley student-governed meme page on Facebook called “UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens” started out as a way for Cal students to relieve stress, but in 2016, it gained popularity outside of the university. Although UC Berkeley only has a 40,000 student population, the meme page has about 100,000 members. Shortly after, meme pages started popping up at many major universities, mostly in Ivy leagues and mini Ivy leagues like Stanford, Harvard, UCLA, USC, Duke, Yale, etc. Read More

The Pros and Cons of Listening to Music While Studying

When I was in the 5th grade, my friend and I entered our school’s science fair with an experimental project on whether the type of study music you listen to affects your ability to retain information. In our experiment, we asked a group of subjects to listen to classical music (specifically, Mozart) while attempting to memorize a series of numbers and then to listen to a pop song (“Step by Step” by New Kids on the Block, if you’re wondering) while attempting the same task. Read More

Myths About Attending a Large University

When I was applying to college, I avoided schools with large populations like the plague. This tendency was not born of my own preferences but was rather a result of the warnings I had received from classmates and online forums. These warnings instilled in me a fear that if I attended a large university, I would get lost in the numbers, I would miss out on the standard ‘college experience.’ Despite this fear, I ended up choosing to attend UC Berkeley, a school made up of roughly 40,000 students. Read More