How to Study Faster and Smarter - Mnemonics (Part Two)

Today we are going to introduce probably the most commonly known technique for memorization: mnemonics. Unlike rote memorization, the method of mnemonics works by associating what you are trying to memorize with something more meaningful and memorable. This can be done using many methods, as explained below: Read More

How to Study Faster and Smarter - Introduction (Part One)

Are you tired of cramming only to forget the information right after (or even before) the test? Or have you been studying the same information over and over but somehow just can’t get it to stick? Today, we’ll be starting a series on how to memorize information most effectively to help your studying efficiency (and for just about anything). Once you learn how to implement these principles also used by the memory masters of the world, you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t learn about them sooner! Read More

Studying in a Cafe vs. Library

It’s hard to imagine a world where cafes aren’t as easily accessible as they are now. Even harder to imagine is that going to cafes to study (or hang out) wasn’t something that was even considered an option for our parents generation and older. It’s only recently that cafe culture has become mainstream due to popularization through the culture and media (think the sitcom Friends). Today we’ll be touting the benefits of the long forgotten ultimate studying location: the library. Read More

Speed Reading for the SAT and ACT (and anything else)

If you’ve ever seen a world record speed reader flip pages, you know how amazing it can be. These speed readers appear to be riffling through a book, except with the comprehension of someone who spent hours poring over and studying the same material. While we may never reach those epic speeds of reading, there are many skills we can pick up from these award winning speed readers to help improve our test taking and study efficiency. Read More

No Calculator?! How to conquer the No Calculator SAT Math

If you’re anything like me, I am much more reliant on my calculator than I’d like to admit. I often do even the simplest calculations like adding whole numbers (no, not even multiple digits) using a calculator. So the idea of a NO CALCULATOR SAT Math section sounded daunting. Read More