Congrats! After all the all-nighters, studying, and tests, you’ve been accepted to college! Now what? Assuming you got accepted to more than one college (or are just deciding where to apply), here are some important factors to consider when choosing a college:


Do you prefer the comforts and familiarity of being close to home, or do you prefer the excitement of trekking out to new lands? Each college town also comes with it’s unique quirks and charms. You’ll be living in this town (or near it) for the next four years, so it’s important that you not only love the school, but are ok with the local sights and attractions, whether it be the peaceful farmland pasture or the hubbub of urban life. If you haven’t visited already, take a trip to the college and get a feel for the atmosphere and places you might be living.


After sitting back and relaxing after all your hard work to get into college, I bet the last thing on your mind is starting your academic career again! What do you plan to major in? Is this college reputable for your desired major? Consider talking to alumns or checking out job placement statistics on the school’s website to get a good idea of the quality of the institution. You’ll be investing your next four years studying here and definitely want to make sure it helps you reach your goals after graduation.

Student Body Size

See if you can sit in on some classes (preferably some that you would probably take your first year anyways). How big are the classes? How do you like the style of teaching? Some people thrive in small settings, while some people are ok with the anonymity that comes with being in a large class.


What do you plan on doing in your spare time? Evaluate what’s important to you and if the school/surrounding town has these activities. Love surfing? Don’t go to college in snowy Boston! Want to be at a good church? Research beforehand which town has one!

Practical Considerations

For many finances are a very important factor in choosing a college. Consider carefully the scholarships and financial aid packages various institutions can offer. Living costs, costs of traveling back home, and tuition all add up. No one wants to graduate college with a huge debt hanging over his head.

Selecting a college may seem overwhelming, but here at Top Tutoring we hope we’ve helped make the process easier! Good luck!