As the ACT increases in popularity, more and more students are focused on preparing exclusively for the ACT relative to the SAT to gain entrance to the nation’s top universities.

Now, there is also the option to take the ACT online in addition to in-person. Below we have researched and outlined some information for you about the new online testing format to help you decide whether to take the test online or in-person.

First, since online testing for the ACT is a fairly new development, the ability to take it online is still very limited and available only in select school districts and during school-time hours.

To prepare for the online test, you will also need to familiarize yourself with their testing platform TestNav, which is readily accessible to download online (available for Windows or macOS operating systems) and also contains a practice test.

If you find bubbling in answers by hand difficult and time consuming, the online testing option may be a more practical option for you. The option to review your current status in the test to see overall items you have bookmarked, answered, or not answered may also be another factor for choosing to take the test online.

If you have certain visual impairments, the ability to zoom in and out and enlarge text is also very helpful, and there is also a text-to-speech functionality.

For those who do not like being influenced by seeing the answer choices beforehand, there is the option to ‘enable answer masking’, where the multiple choices are not revealed until you are ready.

While some may find these features useful, some may still prefer the familiarity of the paper test. And when it comes down to it, nothing can beat proper and carefully planned test preparation only accomplished through practice, and getting tutoring where help is needed. Overall, the online format of the ACT is very promising and a worthwhile option to check out.