Following is a quotation from Dave Coleman, the president of the College Board, concerning the new SAT format:

Right now, I think there’s a breakthrough that the SAT added writing, because we do want to make the claim that kids need to write to be ready…To be ready for college and career, it obviously includes writing. But I have a problem with the SAT writing.

So if you look at the way the SAT assessment is designed, when you write an essay even if it’s an opinion piece, there’s no source information given to you. So in other words, you write like what you’re opinion is on a subject, but there’s no fact on the table. So a friend of mine tutors in Hong Kong, and she was asked by here Hong Kong students, where do you get the examples for the essay? She said, you know, it’s the American way, you make them up. Now I’m all for creativity and innovation, but I don’t think that’s quite the creativity we want to inspire in a generation of youth. That is, if writing is to be ready for the demands of career and college, it must be precise, it must be accurate, it must draw upon evidence. Now I think that is warranted by tons of information we see from surveys of college professors, from evidence we have from other sources, so I think there is good reason to think about a design of SAT where rather than kids just writing an essay, there’s source material that they’re analyzing. TopTutoring has confirmed the types of changes that will be happening for the new SAT in 2016. There are currently high schools in the SF Bay area that have been involved in the pilot program for the new SAT. A source from the pilot program revealed that there indeed will be a writing piece that the student will need to analyze in an essay. This differs from the current format of the test where the student must generate examples themselves to answer the essay prompt.

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