How often have you heard the old adage to not read in the dark because it’s bad for your eyes?

Thankfully, I can assure you that reading in the dark does no harm to your eyes. Why do most people have this perception then? When we read in the dark, there is less contrast between the letters and the page, and our eyes get tired sooner because they have to work harder to make out the letters.

Additionally, you tend to blink less frequently when you are reading, which causes dry eyes and contributes to the feeling of tired eyes. In the dark, it takes more effort for your eyes to focus on the reading material.

Still don’t believe me? To date, no studies have proven that reading in the dark is bad for your eyes or that it produces any permanent effects.

So while you might get a headache next time you pull that all-nighter, you can sleep well knowing it has no lasting effects on your vision!

How often do you study in the dark?