It’s hard to imagine a world where cafes aren’t as easily accessible as they are now. Even harder to imagine is that going to cafes to study (or hang out) wasn’t something that was even considered an option for our parents' generation and older. It’s only recently that cafe culture has become mainstream due to popularization through the culture and media (think the sitcom Friends). Today we’ll be touting the benefits of the long forgotten ultimate studying location: the library.

1. It’s Free

Going to a cafe means that you will be paying for drinks (or snacks). Over time, the costs of those frappes can really add up! The library is completely free, and you can save your money for actually going out with friends over coffee.

2. Concentration

While there are studies that show people are more creative in the ambient noise of cafes, the claim that the ambient noise in cafes help with concentration is more controversial. In a Library, you get to choose what works for you! In the library, you can choose to either study in uninterrupted silence, or with a nifty pair of headphones you can recreate the ambiance of a coffee shop (, listen to classical music, rainforest sounds, or rock music.

3. Need caffeine? No sweat

If you must have your coffee fix, many libraries also have small cafes where you can buy coffees and small snacks.

4. Staying prolonged periods

In cafes there is pressure to leave to create space for the next paying customer especially if you haven’t bought something recently. However, in a library you are free to stay as long as you please, giving you long stretches of uninterrupted studying.

5. Seating

A library usually has plentiful seating compared to the small spaces of cafes and coffee shops.

6. Fewer distractions

There is less bustle and enforced silence in libraries, making for a more peaceful study environment free from distractions. Not only that, for most of us the biggest distraction is our phone and having it silenced can do wonders for concentration.

What are you waiting for? Go check out your nearest library today!