With all the tutors available to choose from both online and locally, selecting the right tutor can seem overwhelming. To help narrow down your list of qualified tutors, here are some qualities you should look for:

  1. Knowledgeable 
    As great or personable as a tutor may seem, if he doesn’t know his stuff, it will be impossible for him to help you improve academically. To tutor effectively requires a high level mastery of the subject at hand, and especially for explaining the more difficult problems that the typical student may have trouble with. A student also is limited by what he can learn if the tutor himself is not familiar with the topic. Additionally, the time the tutor wastes struggling through problems is extra time YOU are paying for!

  2. Accessible 
    To get the most out of your tutoring, the tutor has to be accessible. If the tutor is often not available for followup sessions, this is a red flag that you may not be getting the quality tutoring for the academic results you need.

  3. Affordable 
    This point seems obvious, but many times people neglect this area and hire extravagantly expensive tutors, thinking that they are paying for ‘quality’ (or vice versa). While this may be true, the only problem is that if the tutor is not affordable, then you will constantly be in need of more tutoring but unable to do so. Oftentimes, online tutoring is cheaper than in-person and allows you to get a better rate per hour for the same quality tutoring.

  4. Personable and Compassionate 
    Probably most important, a tutor who lacks these traits will be difficult to work with and will lack the motivation to push you to succeed. A good tutor will find satisfaction in helping you master the subject, tutoring sessions will be pleasant and the tutor a joy to work with.

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