Speed Reading for the SAT and ACT (and anything else)

If you’ve ever seen a world record speed reader flip pages, you know how amazing it can be. These speed readers appear to be riffling through a book, except with the comprehension of someone who spent hours poring over and studying the same material. While we may never reach those epic speeds of reading, there are many skills we can pick up from these award winning speed readers to help improve our test taking and study efficiency. Read More

SAT Administration Dates for 2018

Be prepared to take this year’s SAT! Here’s a schedule of test dates, registration deadlines, and online score release dates. Feel free to share this content with your classmates! Read More

The Rise of Online ACT Testing: Should You Take The Online Or In-Person ACT?

As the ACT increases in popularity, more and more students are focused on preparing exclusively for the ACT relative to the SAT to gain entrance to the nation’s top universities.

Now, there is also the option to take the ACT online in addition to in-person. Below we have researched and outlined some information for you about the new online testing format to help you decide whether to take the test online or in-person. Read More

Avoid These 5 Mistakes In Your Preparation For The SAT Examination

In your preparation for the SAT examination, make sure you avoid these five common yet critical mistakes to ensure you do your best. Read More