Word of the Week: Anachronism

Memorizing the meaning of difficult words can be tough (and hard to commit to long-term memory), so here at Top Tutoring, we aim to make your life easier by making the meaning hard words easy to remember. Introducing the first word in our series: Read More

Word of the Week: Bombastic

This week's word of the week is Bombastic. Read More

Word of the Week: Dogmatic

This week's word of the week is Dogmatic. Read More

Speed Reading for the SAT and ACT (and anything else)

If you’ve ever seen a world record speed reader flip pages, you know how amazing it can be. These speed readers appear to be riffling through a book, except with the comprehension of someone who spent hours poring over and studying the same material. While we may never reach those epic speeds of reading, there are many skills we can pick up from these award winning speed readers to help improve our test taking and study efficiency. Read More