In your preparation for the SAT examination, make sure you avoid these five common yet critical mistakes to ensure you do your best.

Not Leaving Time to Double Check Your Scantron Answers

Amidst the pressure of this timed test, it's easy to focus on solving problems (as you should) while being careless in recording your answers. Make sure you set aside time to double check what you've bubbled in on your scantron. One skipped answer may shift all your subsequent answers, causing drastic point losses in your score despite all your correct work. Find the system that works best for you, whether it be writing the answers in the test booklet first and then transferring the bubble-ins later, or recording the answers as you go. By test day, double checking your answers should come as second nature to you, and you'll save yourself the heartache of potential huge losses to your SAT score.

Spending too much time on difficult questions

Since all questions on the SAT are now weighted the same and thus worth the same amount towards your final score, it only makes sense that you not sacrifice time you could otherwise spend on easier problems by mulling over difficult questions. Make sure you answer all the easy questions and get them correct first before going back to spend more time on the difficult questions.

Not Working Backwards/Plugging In

Since time is an important factor on the SAT, even if you know how to solve a math problem the "regular" way, oftentimes you can shave off valuable time by simply plugging in answers and working backwards from the answer choices given. By plugging in or substituting numbers, you'll have more valuable time to get the right answers on those difficult problems

Failing To Practice Test Conditions At Home

The SAT is a timed, standardized test, so you don't want to be caught off guard come test day realizing that you ran out of time but couldn't get to all the questions. By timing yourself and doing full (not just sections) practice tests at home, you will learn how to pace yourself effectively. Additionally, if you're not used to intense prolonged concentration for hours at a time, now is the time to start building that muscle.

Not guessing

With the new current SAT, you are no longer penalized for wrong answers. As a result, make sure you don't leave any answers blank. With four answers choices, you have a 25% chance of getting the answer right without even knowing the question. Don't waste these valuable points!

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